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 The Basics

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 The Basics

          A logo is a graphical design representing your company.
Check out our main website from your computer for a more detail about these terms
Create the keywords and write your text for each page using some of those word and phrases.
The combination of graphics and text organized to help people find and learn about your company and products
A panel at the top or side of the screen that helps you get from page to page
The position of graphics, text and navigation placed on each page for easy of use and fundamentally attractive.
Incorporate in your plan ways to communicate about your business through facebook, twitter, and pinterest.
Search engine optimization is a process where a pro makes your website rank better in Google and other search engines.
Graphics are the images that are made to help explain your busines or product.  The images at the top and to the left are graphics.
Pictures are images you take with a camera that can enhance your website by illustrating your business, product or process.
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