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Evaluation of what is good from competitors websites Separate Gmail account for the new website (shared with me) Help with choosing website name Help with purchasing Domain    (your credit card used  $15-$25/year) Help with purchasing Hosting package (your credit card used  $60/year) Help with setting up  account (Your credit card $27/ year) Choice of 2 versions of the site (I will make up 2 dummy sites) Your Choice of colors… Basic 6 page Website including Privacy Policy Mobile version of website same 6 pages Keyword Research applied to each page of site Secure Socket Layer (SSL) applied to site GDPR: Cookie Policy Popup created Google Analytics account setup and added to your site Jotform: Client Request Data collected and emailed to you Backup of final website delivered to your home on CD or Flash Drive 3 Payments       $333 to get started (after 2 dummy sites are created)      $333 when main site/mobile version completed but before SSL/Keywords/GDPR                   and Google Analytics are setup.      $334 when site is about to go live.
Payment can be through check or Paypal Paypal will accept your credit card

Screen Sharing Technology will be used to guide you in your

Domain and Hosting Purchases

© 2019 Basic Web Lead Designer: Saul Cohen 



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Item Domain/Hosting               (1 hr) Help with Domain Purchase Help with Hosting Purchase 5 page Basic Website plus 1 Page Privacy Policy GDPR Compliance SSL Secure Website Collect Email Popup Jotform contact form added to site 8 (up to 15 minute) Phone contacts
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Domain/Hosting  discussion $55.00 Domain Purchase/with remote hlp      $45.00 Hosting Purchase/with remote hlp $45.00 SSL  (security training + setup) $45.00 GDPR (training + setup + 1yr cost) $45.00 Monthly Website Backup (1 yr) $65.00 Email data collection (site Link)        $45.00 Blog Setup and training $110.00 5 Page Website  (+ Privacy Policy) $400.00 Communication Package $120.00 Additional Pages/ per page $65.00
Basic Web Designer*